Software Licensing

What can we help with?

If you're looking to purchase several copies of a software product, there's a good chance it is available on a "Licensing agreement". This reduces the cost of your software, and makes it easier to manage and upgrade it in the future.

Why choose us?

  • Expert advice and recommendations that will suit your requirements
  • Knowledge that is tailored to the needs of small business
  • When used with our other services, benefit from our ability to recommend the products that fit what you already have in your business IT
  • Locally based but with the specialist knowledge normally only found in the larger companies that charge you more
  • Real-world experience of licensing, using and supporting the products for small business

What could you get?

Software licensing is available on many common products such as:

Many specialist products also include Software Licensing variants - so be sure to ask us for more information. Commonly you'll hear about licensing agreements with terms like "software assurance" open value", "subscription" and other similar terminology.

What options are available?

The licensing plans vary - each software developer has its own policies, but you'll often find options including some or all of these benefits:

Next steps?

Software Licensing can be complex without specialist advice - the rules can vary for any vendor and product, and you can also often find specific discounts exist for non-profit organisations. To see how we can help, give our tean a call - we''re on 01392 950 950 and can give you impartial advice.


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