Telephony Services

Traditional phone services – both PSTN (analog) and ISDN (digital) – are available through VPW. We offer phone services because not everybody wants to use new internet-based technology like Agility Voice and VOIP. As well as line rental, we offer a range of call packages, affordable minutes and extra phone services like switchboards, call queuing and routing systems. You'll also need to take at least a single PSTN phoneline for broadband services. To make life easier for you, we like to offer everything all in one place, so no time is wasted dealing with Telcos.

It was great to get everything sorted with one provider – now I only have one bill to plan for and pay, plus if I do need any help the team are local and easily accessible!


Why choose our services?

  • Local, trustworthy – and we know what works for small businesses like yours
  • Competitive service – we offer value for money services
  • UK-based – no foreign call centres to battle with should you need some help
  • Works with other services – using us for telephony as well as your IT means you get a single point of contact
  • Straightforward service without extortionately long contracts – unlike many of our competitors

Who does it suit?

Everyone needs at least one basic phone line, and many businesses prefer traditional telephony to VoIP because of concerns about broadband quality, or legacy systems like fire alarms and fax machines.

What's available?

PSTN – the traditional landline – just like you have at home. It's fine for fax, broadband and small businesses which only need a basic phone service and don't want voicemail, call transfer etc.

ISDN – this is the more advanced solution for business telephony and offers features like DDI (direct numbers), multiple lines, better quality calls and much more. You normally have ISDN if you have a phone system put in (so you may not even realise this is what you need or use).

Phone Systems – this is the exciting part of telephony and includes phone systems like the Versatility System. This great value system offers call centre style functionality for smaller businesses. It can use PSTN or ISDN lines and helps your team work more effectively in handling and making calls. Phone systems let you get the most flexibility – and functionality – from telephony in a small business.

How much does it cost?

It depends on your needs, but a standard phone line starts from £13 a month, with £100 installation, while ISDN starts from £17 a month with £150 installation. It all depends what you need, so speak to us about your requirements on 01392 950 950.

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