Networking - Cabled Networks

What is it?

Networks connect your computers to each other - or to servers, the internet and other offices. Businesses need robust networks as they grow to ensure that IT systems operate smoothly, quickly and without issues of downtime caused by poor networks.

Key Features

  • Installation - From physical cabling installation to switches, routers and network equipment cabinets
  • Maintenance - we can manage your existing network infrastructure - including cabling, equipment and configuration
  • Repair - if your network has broken - physical cable cuts or configuration issues, our team have fixes for you
  • Office Flood Cabling - moving into new offices and need a network installation? Our team have years of experience

Our Installation services

If you're looking to expand your network, adding new sockets, have taken on new office space or are moving, we can install new networking for you. Whether you need the commonplace CAT5e standard or newer standards such as CAT6, our team have years of experience in physical installation to help you get your network installed and operational.

It's not just about the cabling though - and you can benefit from our capabilities to install the equipment that makes a network work - from simple switches to fully managed Cisco or HP Procurve systems.

Maintenance and Management

You can call on us to help manage your network - managing existing equipment, addressing historical cabling issues and anything inbetween - we'll make sure your network operates to the best capability.

Repair of Networking

If you've got problems - cut or damaged cables, interference causing problems or something else, don't panic. Our team can troubleshoot, find, and repair networks for you.

Technical Terms

Not sure if you're looking at the right stuff? Installation of networking is often referred to as "Data Networking", "CAT5 Cabling", "Ethernet Cabling" and other similar terms. They're all technical terms that relate to this service.

How much does it cost?

It depends what you want us to do - but we have fair pricing that reflects the time involved in helping you, choosing equipment that gives you room for growth but doesn't cost you a fortune. Speak with our team on 01392 950 950 and see how we can help you.


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Cabled Networking