Agility Cloud Desktop Web Files *NEW*

What is it?

A simple and effective way to store your Documents and Files, making them accessible from a central location wherever you have Internet Access, and whatever device you're using - PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet. You can use it as a standalone "Cloud Storage" system, or take it as part of an Agility Desktop Pro subscription and have simple, effective access to all your data, anywhere, anytime.

Can I see a demo?

Yes - you can view a Demo of the main Agility Desktop Web Files service. This shows you just a few of the features of the service.

What can it do?

It keeps your documents (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on) safe in one place. You can grab your files when you need them most - or upload a new document you've worked on for safe-keeping and easy access again in the future. Imagine creating a presentation in PowerPoint, saving it to Web Files, then later wanting to download it to show it on your iPad. That's easily possible with Web Files. It's one location to store all your data. Watch our Demo Video to show you just some of the features you'll find in the Agility Desktop Web Files Service.

We wanted an affordable, scalable and secure solution for a new project – Agility Desktop ticked all the boxes and VPW seamlessly managed the migration from our existing systems.


What does it do for you?

  • Access anywhere – never be without your files again - access on the go
  • Saves you money – no need to invest in expensive servers or backups
  • Makes your life simpler – a single place to store files, no USB keys or copying things from one bit of storage to another
  • Keeps things consistent – using Agility Desktop the same are easily accessible without fuss via the web or desktop
  • Offers automatic backup- everything stored on Web Files is backed up as part of the service so your data is safe

How much does it cost?

If you're an existing Agility Desktop user, you can upgrade for just £3 per month to Agility Desktop Pro which includes Web Files. Alternatively, you can just take this as a standalone Cloud Storage service - prices start at just £10.00.

Want More Information?

Want to buy or speak to us about Agility Desktop Web files? No problem, just talk to us about your requirements and how Agility Desktop Web Files can help you. Call 01392 950 950 or enquire online.


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