Agility Cloud Voice - Features & Costs

What features are available?

Take Agility Voice, and you can access features including:

  • Call Routing - reroute calls from one number to another. For instance, from landline to mobile, or to different premises
  • Time of day routing - change where your calls are routed to at busy times, or when your premises are closed evenings and weekends
  • Hunt Groups - set up paths for calls, so if one person is busy, the call automatically routes to another team member
  • Advanced Voice Mail - pick up messages wherever you are, for yourself or for your whole team.
  • Caller ID - know who it is calling you
  • Call Recording - for accuracy, training and compliance in key business sectors
  • Call Queuing - perfect for busy offices/outlets or where you have high levels of demand from time to time

This is just a snapshot of some of the features in Agility Voice. Some may require additional setup costs, or subscriptions for use - but we'll tell you upfront what you need.

Who does the service suit?

Agility Voice is a product that's ideal for everyone. It's a more reliable, professional alternative to services such as Skype for small start-ups, and it has the power to deliver the kind of advanced functionality behind small call centres. It's also really handy if you use multiple numbers on one phone, or want to run several small businesses out of one office.

Want to buy Agility Voice or speak to us about it?

Talk to us about how we can help make your business telephony easier, more straightforward and less hassle. Call 01392 950 950 or enquire online for a no obligation, no heavy sales push chat.


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