Authenticated SMTP Services

Straightforward E-Mail Service for people "On The Go"

Our Authenticated SMTP Service is designed to let you travel. Instead of changing your e-mail settings whenever you use a different Wireless Hotspot or Broadband Connection, setup your e-mail once and never worry again.

When this service is good...

  • If you regularly have to change your e-mail settings when using different connections like Mobile Broadband, Wi-Fi Hotspots and other offices
  • Your current broadband or hosting provider doesn't offer SMTP/email service to send messages
  • You're using providers like BT who won't let you send messages using your business domain name without extra charges or limitations
  • You cannot send large emails due to restrictions from your Broadband ISP

Why use this service if you have a server?

We operate servers with good reputations, and participate in schemes such as the AOL Feedback Loop and other initiatives designed to ensure we are a reliable carrier of business e-mail. We don't tolerate spam, and we monitor use of our e-mail service to reduce the chance of abuse.

Sometimes it may seem pretty subtle, but sending directly from your broadband via a server on-site isn't considered good practice and many of the larger providers refuse, limit or give low confidence/trust scores to messages generated in this way. In addition, our servers handle the extra load of retries and large scale delivery more robustly.

All of this means your business has more chance fo sending reliable e-mail to third parties that aren't sent to spam - or worse, refused outright.

Why use this service as a single user?

You'll not have to reconfigure your computer or device if you change devices and you won't be limited to some of the very restrictive sending policies of many broadband providers. You'll be free to send e-mail and gain the better reputation our servers have than your own computer on a mobile broadband service going via a mass ISP that has plenty of limitations.

You might find your provider doesn't let you send mail from your business domain name at all so you end up sending from third party addresses which both looks unprofessional and often means replies don't reach you in a timely manner.

How much does it cost?

For a single user it costs £45.00 + VAT per Year - you can send as much mail as you like (as long as it isn't spam or unsolicited commercial junk). For groups or server use we offer services from £65 + VAT per year for the standard service.

Can I choose IP limited or authenticated?

Yes, we can either configure your account as an "authenticated" account (best for single users roaming between connection types and locations, or for use with a server at your office, often a "Static IP" based account is better.

Next Steps

Speak to a member of our team on 01392 950 950 or order the service online today.

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