IT Support – Specialist Support Services

What is it?

IT Support services that can complement your own in-house arrangements. Typically used by companies who've got an IT Manager/Specialist "in house" but who need extra expertise, capacity and capability available "on demand".

VPW Systems provide a consistently
good and reliable service whilst at the
same time retaining the human touch.
They have the ability to react and
adapt to any situation and importantly
are very receptive to ideas on how to
go that extra mile for their customers.


Typical Scenarios you can benefit from with our "Supplemental IT Support Services:"

  • Add "Out of Hours" cover – no need to hire staff or pay full time staff for low volume "on call" needs and still avoid the risk of problems if something goes wrong out of office hours.
  • Resource for Holiday Cover – if you've got limited IT cover in-house and want to have a second line of defence in case of illness, holidays or sudden surges in demand for your existing IT people
  • 2nd line or 3rd line – ideal if day to day "printer issues" and basics are covered but you occasionally need specialist, expert guidance in implementing and supporting complex IT issues
  • One Off Project Help – perhaps you've got a one time project and need more IT help than usual - let our team step in and make IT easier for you.

How does it work?

We can provide a custom arrangement to suit your needs, providing the cover you need to help your IT succeed. Depending on the type of service you need, we'll engage in receiving training on your existing systems, document processes so our on-call engineers can help and provide any tailored facilities or services necessary, no matter what size your business is.

Who does it suit?

Our specialist services are perfect for your small business if it needs extra IT cover - from Out of Hours cover to make sure "mission critical" systems keep working, or an extra helping hand for your in house "IT guy" when they're too busy to take on additional work. We'll work with you at a level that makes sense for your needs.

Next steps?

Call us on 01392 950950 – or enquire online.


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