Remote Backup for Business Servers

What is it?

Remote Backup services protect your business servers by backing up and storing off-site, remotely via your internet connection your data and critical information. For security, everything is encrypted BEFORE it is transmitted so you'll never be at risk from loss or compromise.

Why would I need it?

If your server system(s) were to fail, be stolen, be attacked by hackers (suprisingly common) you'd need a backup to recover your business critical data from. Alternatively, you might fall victim to one of the increasingly complex but crafty viruses that can destroy, encrypt or otherwise ruin your data. We've even blogged about a recent example in the real world of one of our customers here.

Now I don't even think about backup… it just happens. But if the unexpected does happen and I lose my laptop, there are no worries – a call to the insurer and a call to VPW and I'm back up in business again.


What does it do for you?

  • Provides cost-effective peace of mind
  • Ensures your files are kept safely off-site, secure and encrypted to keep prying eyes away
  • Low maintenance and no need to invest lots of time and money in backups
  • Easy to restore data should you lose a file and need those backups
  • No need to rotate tapes, remember to change drives and other labour intensive tasks so easily overlooked
  • Provides alerts so you know backups are being completed successfully

Who does this suit?

Everyone. No business should be without backups. Unfortunately most companies find out too late that the service or system they used for backup was simply inadequate. That's why our Remote Backup Service exists - to protect your business from disaster. By backing up automatically, remotely and securely, you can be sure your business data is safe, kept within the UK but inaccessible to anyone else.

Want to backup Desktops or Laptops instead?

Take a look at our Remote Backup for Client PCs Service which has more information on that option.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending on the storage (amount of space) you need, the number of servers you need to protect and any additional advanced services such as Microsoft Exchange or SQL Server.

Typcial plans and costs can be found in the Product Information Datasheet [PDF]. Speak to our team for any bespoke requirements. We also offer a whitelabelled version for resellers.

Next steps?

Enquire Online, or contact our team on 01392 950 950 to find out more or to discuss your requirements.


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