Why choose Agility Cloud Mail?

If you've got an existing e-mail service, you may be wondering why Agility Mail is a better choice for your business - find out why below or call our team on 01392 950 950 and we'll help explain how you can benefit:


Agility Mail vs POP-3 email

POP-3 is an old service - it has been very robust but is designed for the most basic needs. A few shortcomings include:

You're probably using POP-3 mail if any of these statements are true:

Agility Mail vs IMAP E-Mail

While IMAP is an improvement on POP-3 in some ways, it is also different and has a number of shortcomings:

Agility Mail vs Web Mail Services

The features do vary a little and there are many services - but compared to typical services such as HotMail, GMail, Yahoo Mail and other commonly used providers:

Agility Mail vs Hosted EMail Services

While there are too many variations to list every possible option, Agility Mail is a strong option compared to other Hosted Exchange services because:

To find out more about the Agility Mail service:

>> Agility Mail: General Product Information
>> Agility Mail: How your business can benefit, Options and Costs
>> Agility Mail: Background and Technical Information

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