Cloud/Hosted Exchange E-Mail Services

Background Information:

Cloud or Hosted EMail services are widely available and the de-facto for most small businesses now - particularly if they're starting from scratch or need to replace an aging "Small Business Server" system.

"Cloud EMail" or "Hosted EMail" is a generic name given to internet hosted services providing e-mail. To some extent because e-mail typically comes from the wider world, it is already "hosted" in most cases until the very last bit where it arrives on a server in your office, so the big difference is removing your own server from the mix.

"Hosted Exchange" is a common name for these services because most business grade services for email provided in this manner use the Microsoft Exchange Server technology behind the scenes. That's true too for our service, Agility Mail. We use the Exchange Server technology to provide the underlying messaging services, then add some of our own bits and pieces to make it a complete service.

Hosted or Cloud E-Mail has to provide:

Agility Mail provides a robust messaging service for any small business and starts with the ability to take just 1 mailbox - perfect if you're starting up a new business and work alone, but want the simplicity and ease available when you have a fully integrated e-mail service.

Technical Information

Agility Mail is powered using Microsoft Exchange Server, which runs on a 64-bit platform, using Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2. The server operates on multiple server systems, data is split across a large number of Information Stores and we have multiple Data Centres, CAS systems and other components. All data is backed up regularly, to both on-site and off-site locations. We utilise virtualisation for some aspects of the service where appropriate. The service is operated behind multiple firewall systems, we operate active IPS. The service operates on our core network.

Want More Information?

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