What is Agility Cloud Mail suitable for?

You may have a few ideas of problems you have with your current e-mail solution and be wondering if Agility Mail can help. Have a look at the common scenarios below...


Wish you could have the same e-mail appear on more than one computer?

Maybe you've a small office and share a single -mail address between 2-3 computers. You want everyone to see the same Contacts, Calendar and E-Mail - including Sent Items. You may just have a Desktop and a Laptop or Tablet and want a single, unified view of everything
Good News - Agility Mail for Teams makes it effortless to have a single view of your e-mail
[ Discover more about Agility Mail for Teams >> ]

Wish you could store large amounts of e-mail?

Perhaps you've got some users who are e-mail hungry - they need to store lots of e-mail and/or you're fed up of having to delete messages to keep your mailbox or server under its maximum limit
Good News - Agility Mail can do this - we support up to 10GB per user as standard on Gold (and you can upgrade to bigger on a mailbox by mailbox basis!)

You wish your smartphone (iPhone, Android etc) could access e-mail?

Wouldn't it be handy if you could see your email, send and reply to messages and end up with everything you've done appearing the same wherever you view it?
Good News - Agility Mail works with Smartphones (Silver/Gold subscriptions)

You normally use E-mail at your desk, but occasionally want it elsewhere

Perhaps you occasionally are away from the office and wish you could grab your e-mail another way rather than having to wait until you're in the office
Good News - Agility Mail makes this possible through Web Mail and Mobile Device Access

E-Mail really matters to you and you're concerned about backups

Many businesses rely on email for everyday communications - and losing e-mail if you had a system failure would be a huge issue - you can't afford to lose messages
Good News - Agility Mail includes complete backup of your E-Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks!

You want to be able to share a calendar so other staff can view it

You might want to have others check or book appointments for you, or wish you could view someone else's calendar to check when they'll be in the office - or even send them an appointment request.
Good News - Agility Mail has advanced calendaring support as standard

You've more than one e-mail address and need to send from them, but want a fully hosted solution

Perhaps you run more than one business, or need to respond to messages distinctly without having to use several different computers or devices
Good News - Agility Mail can support multiple accounts, domains and e-mails in many ways

You want to use Agility Mail but have an old e-mail address you need to keep using

You might have an e-mail address from your broadband provider, or a legacy POP3 account on another system, but still want the advanced features of Agility Mail
Good News - Agility Mail has options so you can receive messages from many existing systems

You work via Hotspots and have issues sending messages via SMTP

The classic - you go to a hotel, start using the Wi-Fi but cannot send messages or have to keep changing your settings in your e-mail software every time you change connection.
Good News - Agility Mail does away with the need to ever change your e-mail settings again

You'd like Agility Mail but not all of your users need its functionality

You might have an existing system which works well for most users, but have a few "power users" who need the rich feature set - you'd prefer not to change everyone to Agility Mail
Good News - Agility Mail can provide "hybrid" scenarios like this

You've got a mail server in the office, but when you've no Internet, you can't receive/send mail, even though you have mobiles and 3G.

Your current system relies on the broadband connection in your office, so if it fails you can't work from home, or even collect messages from your mobile even though you have 3G service.
Good News - Agility Mail works from any internet connection and is highly reliable so it just works

We can't cover every possible scenario - but hopefully the above answers many of the most common questions we are asked. If you wonder about your own scenario, just ask our team and we'll be able to help you out - Agility Mail is a very flexible service and can deal with all sorts of different scenarios and configurations - we built it to be this way and since we built it - we can tweak it to suit you.

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