Examples of who uses Agility Desktop

Agility Desktop is versatile and adaptable - it's perfectly suited for a small business like yours. Here are a few examples of real companies using our service in different industries to give you a flavour of just how adaptable the service is...

Book Publishing Companies

When Swales & Willis and its sister business Impress Books wanted to improve its IT systems, they turned to the Agility Desktop solution. With flexible working, the ability to work from home anytime they want, staff are now more productive, and the company has less downtime. During a recent office move, Agility Desktop enabled the team to carry on working, even though they were temporarily without a central base. The company stores large amounts of data including high resolution images, PDF files and Office Documents, and due to the nature of the work, any solution that didn't offer full Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat capability - particularly Microsoft Word just wasn't going to be good enough.
Key Benefits: Home Working, No Infrastructure to Maintain, Backups and Storage

Engineering Companies

When leading specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of packaging solutions Barum& Dewar needed to get more agility into its IT systems, the Agility Desktop service was an obvious choice. As the name suggests, Agility comes with the service. Barum & Dewar needed the option to let Sales Staff work from home or on-the-road anywhere across the UK on a daily basis, so that sales information and jobs can be kept current all the time. Since Agility Desktop lets you bring your own software too, Barum & Dewar took advantage to ensure the existing Sage Accounts 50 and SwiftPage Act! CRM software could be utilised in the same flexible way as standard software like Microsoft Office.
Key Benefits: Home & Remote Working, Backups, Application & Existing Software Integration

Charitable Organisations (Community Transport)

When the Exeter CTA (Community Transport Association) started having issues with old hardware, they looked to VPW on how they could use it as an opportunity to improve IT systems, as well as manage and control costs. As a charitable organisation, budget is limited, but the flexibility needed was high. One of the key issues is that with limited staff, it's necessary to "move around" from one computer to another when changing between "back office" and "reception" duties. As Agility Desktop can just move you from one system to another without logging off or having to close your software down, it was a perfect choice for Exeter CTA.
Key Benefits: HotDesking Capability, Low Operating Costs

Law Firm for Business Buyers, Sellers and Movers

Truelegal Solicitors are a niche business law firm, specialising in helping entrepreneurs when buying, selling, moving and growing businesses. As a firm, they rely on technology to help them be effective, and ensure they're able to communicate effectively with entrepreneurs who will undoubtedly use the latest technology. It's important for Truelegal to be able to operate remotely, as clients can be based anywhere globally, and staff need the ability to work whenever necessary - from the office, home or elsewhere. Using Agility Desktop, they've been able to ditch old servers, improve flexibility and make it possible to respond to an active and growing customer base with ease.
Key Benefits:
Remote Working, Third Party Application Support, Highly Secure & Backed Up Data

Greek Holiday Specialists

When Planos Holidays were reviewing existing IT arrangements, it was determined that life would be easier with a single support company. A few conversations later and they realised that Agility Desktop would be a great tool to help them work flexibly, reduce capital costs and allow staff spread over 3 locations, including Greece to operate sharing files, e-mail and data more effectively, as well as ensuring that data was safe and secure. Using Agility Desktop, planos now have access to the same, centralised database and holiday data, and better performance and access than they previously had relying on complex and unreliable VPN solutions.
Key Benefits:
Remote Working, Inclusive, Automated Backups, Better Reliability

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