When should you use Agility Desktop?

Agility Desktop is a flexible, affordable and straightforward solution to Cloud technology for Small Businesses. We designed it specifically to meet the needs of Small Businesses like yours. Here are some specific scenarios where you'll find Agility Desktop can be a fantastic fit for you:

You want Remote or Home Working

Agility Desktop is MADE for this type of scenario. By design it allows you to login from anywhere, and if you're still logged on somewhere else (perhaps you forgot to shut down in the office or never got chance to pop back after a meeting), it'll just move your existing session to another computer - and let you carry on exactly where you left off. It doesn't care where you are located, so if you're in the UK, fly to a foreign office, it's no problem. Equally, you can move between your "On the Road" laptop and a desktop in the office.

You need assurance of Data Backups and Security

With Agility Desktop your business data is backed up - as part of the service. So you haven't got to buy tapes or hard discs, CDs/DVDs and so on, nor do you have to remember to rotate drives, setup or test backup software. Equally you haven't got to remember to take them off-site - in fact, if you're using Agility Desktop you don't need to do anything, so it's a great solution for companies that need to know data is backed up and protected - always. The benefit of this is even more apparent when you're dealing with roaming sales staff who traditionally save files all over USB keys and laptop hard discs so data is never copied to the network or company servers. Since Agility Desktop means they're always on the "server", everything is always saved and therefore backed up.

You don't want the capital cost of software purchase

Agility Desktop comes with a simple per-user cost - which varies depending on the software you do (or don't!) need. It's straightforward so you'll always know what you pay. Equally though you get the full capability of software such as Microsoft Office Professional but without the huge up-front cost of licensing it per-user. Additionally, Agility Desktop includes software upgrades as part of the service, so you'll NEVER need to budget for, or buy Office again. The same goes for other standard software with Agility Desktop we supply too. This saves you not just the cost of licensing the software, but the hidden costs of installing, patching and maintaining software too.

You want to use applications without installing them on each system

Agility Desktop goes where you go, and brings your software too. So if you're working in the office but want to go home and carry on working, it won't matter if you don't have the latest version of Word on your Home PC because Agility Desktop provides the software automatically. The same goes for any specialist software (third party applications) we provide within your service too. Importantly too, your preferences are saved ONCE and follow you around as well. No complexity, no fuss.

You want to support remote offices

Agility Desktop is already setup for "Remote Access" and therefore your Remote Offices are just another office to the service. You won't have to maintain annoying VPN connections anymore, or worry about "Static IP" addresses and other technical considerations. If the remote office has a computer with an internet browser, and a reasonable version of Windows, Android or Mac OS X, they're good to go (see our client requirements). No need to worry about slow speeds, backups and remotely installing or maintaining software for them.


Want to see how it can help your scenario?

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