Features of Agility Cloud Hosted Desktop

What can Agility Desktop do for your business?

Agility Desktop has a rich range of features and benefits that make it a great choice for small business. Have a look at some of the features of Agility Desktop:

Give you access to all of your files all of the time...

With Agility Desktop there's no need to "sync" files. No need to copy data to/from laptops, USB sticks or other cumbersome measures. This means you'll never have out of date files, you'll never forget to copy something you need and you'll never lose your data because you've lost, forgotten or damaged your USB key, laptop or other storage. It saves you time, and makes sure whether you're working from your office, home or another location (pretty much anywhere you want) that you've got the full range of tools with you.

Allow you to move computer, desk and office "on demand"...

Agility Desktop isn't tied to a specific computer, so as long as the system you want to use meets the basic system requirements, you can connect to Agility Desktop. It works on Windows PCs, Tablets (including Surface/Surface Pro) and Apple Mac, and now you can even use it with some devices like Android Phones, Tablets and Apple iPhone's and iPad (some features are limited due to limitations in these small devices).

Even better, you can move between devices anytime you like, even in the middle of the day. Agility Desktop remembers where you've gotten to, and reconnects you effortlessly so you can be back working in just a few moments. This can be useful even if you don't travel but have to move desk for practical reasons during a day within your office, and for those who travel or want to work from home, it's a perfect choice.

Save you sleepless nights as backups are done As simple as that.

With Agility Desktop, we take care of your backups. It's part of the charge, so there's no need to worry about maintaining backups distinctly. And we're paranoid about protecting your data, so we back everything up twice, using 2 different systems. Then we send that data to further, off-site locations automatically (at least 2 other locations) to make sure whatever happens your data is safe. That's smart backup and it's part of the service - making it perfectly simple too.

Empowers you to run more than just Office Software flexibly

Other "Cloud" solutions focus either on a single software product, or just your "standard" Office software (such as Microsoft Word, although often you'll get an inferior version). Agility Desktop is smarter, more flexible and more accommodating. As a result you can run not only the run of the mill software you'd expect like Microsoft Office, but also more specialist software. We don't just mean things like Sage Accounts or Quickbooks either. We mean your bespoke, custom software. Most products can be used with Agility Desktop and our specialists can help integrate and enable your software to work (but you'd be amazed just how much software already works with Agility Desktop).

This approach is better for you since you'll have one login, one set of software and rentals and no need to maintain multiple different systems and suffer the pain of the disjointed, disintegrated approach others give you. We've worked really hard to make Agility Desktop simple and effective for Small Businesses to use - giving you the flexibility normally only found in large enterprises.

Ensures you can scales as big, or small as you need

It doesn't matter if you have 1 user, or 50. Agility Desktop can handle your requirements. There's no real limit to the number of people we can support, so there's no real limit to the number of users you can have with Agility Desktop. Equally it doesn't matter if you're starting up, working on your own, and just want the power of Agility Desktop now. Take it with 1 user, and scale it later as your business grows. It makes sense to pick the right software and service package from the outset so your business has all the IT necessary to succeed. If you start with standard software initially, you can also scale up to run specialist software at a later point, subject of course to adjustments in your subscription and technical compatibility.

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