Agility Hosted Cloud Desktop & Other Services

Agility Desktop can be used as a standalone service, but you can also combine it with our other services to get even more functionality or make your life even easier.

Agility Hosted Desktop with Agility Cloud email

This is the most obvious, and most common pairing. By combining Agility Desktop with Agility Mail, you get rich e-mail, full Outlook software support and everything you'd expect if you had your own Microsoft Exchange server in-house. You get generous storage, mobile phone sync and support, support for tablets, laptops and all kinds of other devices. Your business e-mail domain can be utilised so you maintain your professional identity. Plus you'll get discount when you combine the services.
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Agility Hosted Desktop with Committed IT Support

Cloud Technology with UK Based Support. We'll help with both Agility Cloud services and your general IT, whether it's related to this service or not. It's a great way to ensure you have help on hand - "on demand" if you will whatever your IT support issue. It also gives you exclusive discounts on our Agility Desktop service and many customers find they get at least some IT Support free as a result.
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Agility Hosted Desktop with Managed Business Broadband

Good quality broadband helps ensure a smooth and reliable service, so using our business broadband at your office can be a smart choice. It's especially smart if you're connecting lots of users, as we can provide faster more capable connections (remember Agility Desktop needs your internet connection to be reliable), helping you scale usage. Of course you can use it with pretty much any broadband, 3G or 4G connection, but it won't hurt to get yourself using our managed service for the ultimate in reliability - and of course we guarantee the best experience on our connections.
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