Technical Requirements: For Applications

For Standard Software

Standard Software includes items such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Adobe Acrobat (Reader), and so on. These products are rented or supplied as part of the service and have no specific technical requirements - if you can use Agility Desktop, and you subscribe to them, they'll work.

Specialist & Third Party Applications

If you want to bring other applications to your Agility Desktop service, then there are some technical requirements. Please treat these as a guideline as we have integrated other applications not meeting these guidelines from time to time - our specialists will help you integrate & migrate your software.

Typically software should be compatible with either:

(both of which are essentially the same) and can be used with Agility Desktop. Sometimes software might be listed as designed for Citrix and again is normally suitable. Ideally, it will specifically support "RemoteApp" functionality - but again this isn't always required. Software that is "Application Virtualisation" aware through software such as App-V, Thinapp and so on can also potentially work, although we have seen some issues with these tools and some types of software.


If the software is "user installable" (eg the software, installation guides and so on are available to you and/or us), then a standard installation and integration should be possible. In those cases, we'll normally charge you for the initial setup, plus any on-going support you need (which you can cover as part of one of our proactive IT Support Plans.

If the software requires "managed" installation or "third party" setup, this is normally still possible too. We'll need to discuss your requirements (and those of the third party) to confirm this, and you may need to rent an Agility Desktop Dedicated Instance license to permit this. However we have successfully worked with several third party companies to install specialist and bespoke software into another environment.

Memory, Processing and Disk etc

The requirements of the specific software will partially dictate the requirement here, but the standard allowance is for around 2GB of memory per user permissible. This is normally more than enough as our platform is more efficient than a standard computer with memory sharing and other techniques in use. Users are allocated the resources typically afforded to a 2.4Ghz or better processor (single core) although in reality our servers have many cores, and much faster processing (applications needing high requirements can be accommodated by adjusting your subscription). Applications needing very specific, high performance or low latency guaranteed I/O may need an Agility Desktop Dedicated Instance but most applications run just fine in the standard allowance. There is no specific I/O limitation as such in place.

Client Requirement

Please see the Agility Desktop Client Requirements page.


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